General Info & Limitations
  AutoQty Calculates Quantities by Scanning AutoCAD Drawings and from data
entered in the Schedules.
  Each Drawing Component (Beams / Slabs / Walls / Plasters etc) should be
drawn in their Respective Layers for effective Scanning and Quantity Calculations.
  Schedules can be Imported from Excel / AutoCAD.
  However these Schedules shall be in the format specified by AutoQty.
  Following Items are not included in AutoQty :
  Raft and Flat Raft
  Steel / Industrial Structures
  Retaining Walls, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools
  Horticulture / Landscaping
  Ramp Quantities (Staircase is Included)
  Roads / Drains / Water Supply & Drainage/ Rain Water Pipe.
  Furniture (Wood Work)
  Pile Work
  Earthwork / Emabankment
  Door / Window Hardware
  Dismantling / Demoliting
  Plinth Protection
  BRC Expanded Metal