What is the Function of the Software?
This Software allows creation of bills/Invoice in a matter of few minutes.
Apart from Printing the Invoices ,You can also Export the invoices into various Formats ( pdf, Excel , word, rich text etc).
Also it can be used by one and all because of its simplicity.
Is there any limit on size of File Created ?
Since Database and .NET Frameworks is used for creation of the software , there is no limit on size of file.
How do I ensure safety of my Database ?
Since SCCD Office provides you with a password on registration of your software, it automatically prevets misuse of your data.
It is also advisable that you keep a backup of your files from time to time to prevent loss of data.
Is internet required to run The Software ?
No. The programs run independently from your local drive.
Which operating (OS) system is required to run Software?
Windows 98/XP/VISTA
Will The software work on Server ?
No. It works only on PC. The computer should have its operating system (OS) installed in C drive.
  What if their there is any discrepancy or error found in the software?
If there are some bugs or genuine errors in Program, We request the users to bring these to the notice of the author through email or by letter, describing in details the data entered, actual & expected output. Appropriate Action will be taken in case to case basis.