Following are Program Limitations.
1. Tender Costing is carried out as per CPWD & General Specs prevalent in the country.
2. Gnatt Chart could be planned up to 24 months only. Hence subsequent Monthly Cash Flow, Material Cost, Labour Cost etc. are generated up to 24 Months only.
However project duration exceeding 24 months could be accommodated by copying the project file in to another file & constructing the bar chart assuming month no. 25 as month no. 1.
3. The Program Calculates Cost (Quantity * Rate) and not Quantities.
4. This software is not for the Rate Analysis of HVAC Items.
5. For Calculation of Monthly Cash Flows, the labour cost is calculated from the labour rates. However if the labour rates given are incorrect (i.e. too high or too low) then monthly cash flow will get affected up to that extent. 
6. Total labour trades are divided in to following 3 categories only.

Un Skilled
7. All EXCEL SHEETS & some Programs given are DOWNLOADED from the Web.