Relevant IS Standards

Pschrometric Table of Relative Humidity of Air %

Psychrometrics_1 (pdf File)
Psychrometrics_2 (pdf File)
Psychrometric Equations
Psychrometric Example
Psychrometric Chart
AC Lab Manual (Pdf File)
U Values
K Values
Unit Conversion
Cooling Load Calc. (Pdf File)
Cooling Load Calc. of Cool Storage (Pdf File)
Thermal Insulation (Pdf File)
Cooling Requirements for Fruits + Veg. (Pdf File)
Tide Load Calc. (Pdf File)
Steam table Calculator (DOS Program) ***
Insentropic efficiency turbine Calculator (DOS) ***
Closed & open feedwater heater Calculator (DOS) ***
Density & Kinematic Viscosity of Liquids & Gases
Dynamic, Absolute & Kinematic Viscosity
Density of Liquids
Specific Gravity - Liquids
Minor Loss Coefficients & Surface Roughness
Fittings & Minor Pressure Loss in Piping Heating Sys
Resistance & Equivalent Length of Fittings for Hot H20
Steam Pressure Drop Diagrams
Table of Carbon, Alloy & Stainless Steel Pipes
Table for Properties of Saturated Steam
Water - Thermal Properties
Pipe Pressure Loss Calculation Methods
Acceleration due to Gravity & Newton's Law of Motion
Hydraulic Diameter of Ducts & Tubes
Example : Major loss in Ducts, Tubes and Pipes
Moody's Diagram
Temp. Data for O/S D/C Conditions as per IS:7896-2001
Temp. Data for I/S D/C Conditions as per NBC : 2005
Building Management System Input / Output Summary
System Connectivity Arrangement for BMS
Maintenance Check List
Day Light Transmittance for Various Types of Glass
Outdoor Air Requirements for Ventilation of AC Areas
Design Exhaust Air Flow in L/S per KW of Kitchen Eqp.
Max. Permissible WBT for a Given DBT (IS: 3103 - 1975)
Exhaust Capacity of a Typical 600 mm Ridge Ventilator
Wind Direction at Imp. Indian Cities As per SP : 32 - 1986
Mean Monthly Wind Speed in Km/h of Some Indian Cities
Combined Effect of Different Methods of Ventilation
Typical AC Plant Layout
Typical AHU Room Layout for 680 CMM AHU
Outside Air Requirements As per ASHRAE : 62 - 1989
Effect of Carbon Monoxide (Co) Vs Time & Symptoms
Optimum RH Ranges for Health
Cooling Load Factors
Heating Load Factors
HVAC System Selection Criteria

Standard Norms

Cooling Loads
Heating Loads
People / Occupancy
Appliances / Equipment
1. Start the Computer in DOS Mode. 
2. Change Dir to C:\program files\HVAC\Tables
3. Now run the CALCSOFT.EXE file.