What is the aim of " QTY Software. " ?
  The main aim of the software is as follows:
a. Ease of quantity calculation.
b. Help in cost control of project.
c. Work out the cash flow on monthly basis.
d. Work out men & material requirements of a project on monthly basis.
Who can benefit from this software?
  In particular Builders, Contractors, Civil, Structural Engineers, Architects & Students.
  In general any Professional related to building industry.
Is internet required to run Software given in QTY software.
  No. The programs run independently from your local drive. However Keep LOCKED CD at all times in the CD ROM drive while carrying our Quantity Estimation.
Which operating (OS) system is required to run Software.
  Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/NT.
Will QTY software work on Server.
  No. It works only on PC. The computer should have its operating system (OS) installed FROM C drive. Software is single user.
Can we Save, Re-open & Edit our files ?

A user can Edit, Delete & Add items as well as quantities. 
Labour & Material coefficients can also be modified.
What if their there is any discrepancy or error found in the software.
  We have taken utmost care in preparation of software. However their could be some bugs or genuine errors in designs. We request the users to bring these to the notice of the author through email or by letter, describing in details the data entered, actual & expected output. Appropriate Action will be taken on case to case basis.
How the software will be delivered ?
  QTY software will be delivered by Courier Service or by Registered A. D. within 3 to 4 days of receiving the Remittance (Cheque/DD)  within India. Duly acknowledged receipt & Bill will be included in the packing.
Which web browser shall be used for viewing ?
  Internet Explorer 5.0 & later versions shall be used.