1.  Software comes with Set UP File. (setup.exe)
Insert the software CD in CD - Rom Drive.
Go to " My Computer Icon " & access your CD Rom drive. Run setup program.
2. GO to START -> Programs -> Q_A.Exe
3. Right Click on Q_A.Exe  -> Send to Desk Top (Create Short Cut). Now double click this Super Real Valuation short cut icon to start the program.
4. When a user starts the program for the 1st time, he / she will be asked to Enter Password. In order to get the Password, User has to Email the User's Code along with Bill Number and Bill Date. After user's Code & Purchase details are received by SUPER CIVIL CD office, Password will be communicated after 2 days.
All SUPER CIVIL CD softwares are having Single User License, and as such are to be installed on a Single Computer. If a user wants to work on multiple computers then more than one copy (License) of software is to be purchased.
User should preserve the Password & in case of any problem with the computer, such as Re-Installation of Window OS / Drive Formatting etc. use the same Password after Running setup.exe from our software CD. SUPER CIVIL CD office do not keep record of the Password once it is given to the user.
The password is required to be entered only once, and not always when the computer starts.
5. Always run the software from its desk top icon short cut.
6. Use JavaScript enabled browser.
7. In case the program does not run, install dotnetfx.exe. This software is also given with the setup CD & is in " Rcf_Dotnet_IE6 " Folder. Window installer & IE6 are also available in this folder.
8. Software will not work from Server. It works only on PC. The computer should have its operating system (Window OS) installed in C drive.
Use Window XP / Win 7 / Win 8 except home basic version.
9. Internet is not required to run Programs given in Valuation of Plant & Machinery.