General Info & Limitations
  Super Auto Estimator Calculates Quantities by Scanning AutoCAD Drawings and from data entered in the Schedules.
  Each Drawing Component (Beams / Slabs / Truss/ Walls / Plasters etc) should be
drawn in their Respective Layers for effective Scanning and Quantity Calculations.
  Schedules can be Imported from Excel, AutoCAD, RCF, SSF and Flat Slab Softwares.
  However these Schedules shall be in the format specified by Super Auto Estimator.
  Following Items are not included in Super Auto Estimator :
  Water Tanks, Swimming Pools
  Horticulture / Landscaping
  Ramp Quantities (Staircase is Included)
  Roads / Drains / Water Supply & Drainage/ Rain Water Pipe.
  Furniture (Wood Work)
  Earthwork / Emabankment
  Door / Window Hardware
  Dismantling / Demoliting
  Plinth Protection
  BRC Expanded Metal