The contract shall include transverse & contour survey of the land belonging to ..........................  It is located in the ..............................................  having plot number ..................................... The scope of work includes the following with reference to enclosed plot plan.
1.1 Determining the co-ordinates of all boundary corner stones. The boundary stones will be indicated to the contractor by the Engineer in the field.
1.2 Determining/confirming the length of the boundaries & the containing angles, & computing plot area.
1.3 Establishing & constructing one permanent bench mark statue at suitable location within the plot to be decided by the Engineer & determining the bench mark elevations with reference to the existing GTS bench mark near by.
1.4 Determining plant north with respect to magnetic north.
1.5 Determining the reduced spot levels of existing ground levels within the plot plus 20.0 M extra on all four sides of the boundary at 10.0 M grid.
1.6 Locating adjoining center line & widths of existing road, with reference to the nearest boundary line & determining reduced levels on the cross section basis at 10.0 M grid.
1.7 Determining exact locations of all trees between plot boundary & approach road on front side of the plot.
1.8 Determining the location & elevation of all existing features inside the plot & outside the plot up to 100.0 M from all the four side boundaries of the plot such as big buildings, structures, roads, culverts, big trees, water supply main ( top of pipe line elevation ), including hydrants, Tee flanges, etc. Foundation of pylons for over head power cables, electrical & telephone line poles, wells, storm water ditches, nullah etc. if any. If the outfall/sewage disposal lines are existing in the proximity of the plot, the location & levels of the sewer including man-hole shall be determined for the purpose of the plot drainage.
1.9 Spot levels shall be taken at close grid intervals as directed by the Engineer whenever profile of land suddenly changes. Existing ridges, valleys & rock out-crops etc. , within the plot shall be located with elevation to define general plot drainage. Highest flood level shall be indicated.
1.10 Recording any other features not specifically cover above but which is to be reasonably assumed to prepare workman like survey, as directed by the Engineer from time to time.
1.11 Recording all the above information in metric system in the form of drawings made to a scale of 1:500 for plan & 1:50 for details. Spot levels at all points shall be marked, contours drawn at an interval of 0.50 M. Prints shall be submitted to the Engineer in duplicate for approval. After incorporating the comments, the contractor shall submit the originals of the drawings to the Engineer which shall than be the latter's property. 
1.12 In addition to permanent bench mark the contract includes, providing & constructing local bench marks/co-ordinate pillars at the rate of 100.00 M grids. The local bench mark shall be plain concrete pedestal approximately 300 x 300 x 600 mm (depth) size in M10 grade. The co-ordinates & spot level shall be painted on the top of each of this bench mark respectively.
2.0 Execution of the work:
2.1 Horizontal control:
  The horizontal control shall be effected by erecting a suitable number of temporary station points by means of wooden pegs & also utilizing the existing boundary stone/pillars. Triangulation or traversing, in consultation with the Engineer shall be carried out with a micrometer theodolite having a least count of 10 seconds. The co-ordinate of any one point shall be specified. Based on this, co-ordinates of all the boundary pillars shall be computed & the drawing shall be prepared on the basis of co-ordinates only.
2.2 Plane Tabling :
  All topographical features such as buildings, structures, roads, electric & telephone polls, prominent trees, wells, fencing, culverts, nullah, rock out-crop, etc., will be detailed with the help of plain table using a telescope alidade. The plain table station network shall be connected to the main triangulation network as above.
3.0 Accuracy :
  The above survey shall be carried out to the following accuracies:
3.1 For triangulation - 1:3000 & for Traversing - 1 : 2000 { for both angular & linear measurements }
3.2 For Plane Tabling - 1:1000.
3.3 For Contouring: counter check at 50% of the contour interval shall confirm 90% of cases at the interval.

Enter Quantity, Rate & Click Total.
1 Conducting plane table survey, locating nullah, road, electric & telephone lines, measuring boundaries, computing area etc.      Ha   
2 Conducting contour survey by taking spot levels on 10.0 M grid. Plotting interval shall be 0.50 M. Ha
3 Topographical survey around 100.0 M. from the plot with elevations etc. Ha
4 Constructing Bench Mark 300 sq x 600 mm deep in M10 concrete. It should project 300 mm above Ground level. Top of pedestal shall have a 150 mm sq x 6 mm thick insert plate suitably anchored in concrete. NO
5 same as above for co-ordinate pillars. NO
Note: 1 Ha = 10000 M2
{ Rs }             

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